Meet our Founder and Yogini!
Jan 31, 2023
Written by Monika Enthusiastic Yoga Disciple
meet our founder and yogini!

We sat down with the founder of Yoga Llama, Nora Peneva, during the testing period of the application and its technology. We asked her a few questions about herself, her yoga views, and her hopes for Yoga Llama to help introduce her to the yoga audience.  

Tell Yoga Llama users a little bit about you, who is Nora Peneva?

I can say that I am a person, who throughout her many years of experience in yoga, has learned one thing: a human being’s health, our health, above all else, depends on ourselves. Every person is responsible for their well-being, for having a positive attitude, and for leading a good life.

How did your yoga journey start?

Like any person, who at one point realizes that their well-being depends on the choices they make, I needed to do something for myself and I turned to yoga. To take care of oneself - I find that is the path to true happiness.

What kind of advice can you give yoga beginners and those who wish to begin engaging with the practice?

You must be patient, and persistent and you must not give up. I suggest observing how you feel after your yoga session. It could only take 5 minutes a day, but those are 5 minutes that have a significant positive impact on your health.

Do you believe that Yoga is for everyone, and if so, why?

Yoga is a universal tool for human well-being. It is for everyone who is motivated and has the wish to maintain or better their physical and mental health.

What makes Yoga Llama stand out from the other applications on the market?

The idea for such a tool is revolutionary. Yoga Llama completely puts the focus on the user. We fully commit to them and make them the centerpiece of the application’s attention and care.

What are you hoping that Yoga Llama will give to the worldwide Yoga community?

A new vision. A new approach to yoga. With this application, we set a new standard, which puts the yoga practitioner first. The user is the center of attention. They are the most important part of the whole.

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