What is Yoga Llama?

Yoga Llama is the result of combining the ancient practice of yoga with the advanced technological innovations of AR and AI.

By tracking the movement of the human body, this mobile application can allow any user to learn yoga or refine and improve their skills in the art.


Yoga Llama functions through artificial intelligence, a next-gen technology that helps improve a user’s training regime in real-time.

Our AI is smart enough to run between 300-600 detections per minute and identify whether a user is performing a pose properly or not.



There is no need to search for the perfect course among the millions provided. Yoga Llama knows exactly what practice is best for you.

Our classes are designed and performed by revered and award-winning yoga instructors with decades of experience.


The cutting-edge technology of augmented reality supplements our software’s AI. This visual representation tool doesn’t require additional equipment.

Anybody can experience this advanced technology through the camera of their mobile phone.


Yoga Llama is an application for smartphones, making its usage convenient for the customer.

This allows anyone to be able to practice yoga anytime, anywhere, with well-designed courses waiting for them in their pockets.