Introducing Yoga Llama
Jan 28, 2023
Written by Yoga Llamathe Enlightened One
introducing yoga llama

Greetings Yoga entrants, enthusiasts, and professionals! Our team is excited to meet you and finally disclose the project we’ve been working on for months— Yoga Llama. As the choice of name suggests, this application is very dear to our hearts, and we hope that it will be a new engaging, fun way to explore exercising. The llama symbolizes personal growth, balance, and diligence, qualities that we hope our application exemplifies and helps develop in our users.

Yoga is a revered and ancient physical practice that was discovered diversely by each and every member of our expert team. From choosing the selections of poses to performing them on the office floors to describing them and testing them out with our AR and AI specialists, we’ve each earned an appreciation for the art that goes into structuring a yoga lesson and performing a pose properly. Some of us have even become regular practitioners of Yoga, finding a 10-minute session of chair yoga to be a refuge in the middle of a long day.

The process of choosing content that would mesh together well took months. We made many iterations because we had to consider the technical capabilities of mobile devices. They’re a great portable way of learning a new skill anytime and are the perfect vessel for introducing Yoga Llama to a passionate audience. AI and AR are our not-so-secret keys to making this version of exercising fun and accessible anywhere! We’ve tested the capabilities of the smartphone camera in many locations (parks, office spaces, domestic environments, etc.) in order to make sure our next-gen technology is working flawlessly for our users. Though we are currently planning on releasing Yoga Llama for IOS devices first, our versions for the other stores aren’t far behind in development and will also be coming soon!

Yoga is a way of life that grants the human body every positive quality that any sport can give. Through yoga, people can discover a new way to rest and renew after a long day, find their balance, and connect their physical body with their spiritual self. Through its innovative approach, Yoga Llama aims to provide users with these opportunities wherever they go. All they have to do is pull their phones out of their pockets.
-Nora Peneva, Founder & Master Yoga Instructor

Fun fact: The llama was domesticated around the same time as yoga began its practice — around 5000 years ago.

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