Interview with The Founder #2: About Chair Yoga
Sep 14, 2023
Written by Monika Enthusiastic Yoga Disciple
interview with the founder #2: about chair yoga

What is "Chair Yoga" and what makes it different from the other yoga styles?

The big advantage that Chair Yoga has over other types of styles is that it can be practiced anywhere- in the office, during a break, on a holiday, at the airport, even on a flight, or while at the bar holding a glass of wine! (I'm sure we've all heard of the famous "Yoga with wine!" 😊

Why did you choose to make Chair Yoga such a large and important part of Yoga Llama's content?

I'm convinced that it had great benefits for the everyday city-dweller. During the pandemic, I had the opportunity to lead many courses for international corporations and people who worked from home. Even a light 6-minute Chair Yoga course at the start of the workday can significantly improve the quality of life and work capacity of a person.

What should people expect to experience and feel during a Yoga Llama Chair Yoga course?  

The benefits of Chair Yoga are many and the user will be able to feel them immediately after their chosen course in our app.  It is guaranteed that after one course, the user will feel their shoulder loosen up, their back posture improve and their stiffness will decrease. They will feel more energetic and motivated to work.

Who is the intended audience of Chair Yoga?

Chair Yoga is extremely suitable for the average working person, who can devote time to a short practice during the lunch break or before starting work. It's also appropriate for pregnant women, the elderly, and people who are recovering after surgery.

What was the biggest challenge you faced when adapting the classic yoga poses into versions, suitable for the chair?

Fortunately, there weren't any! Chair Yoga is already a developed and recognized style of yoga.

Is Chair Yoga a suitable way for a beginner to embark upon their yoga journey?

Each Chair Yoga course was curated to be practiced in everyday circumstances and is completely independent of the other ones. They are all fit with poses to help tone the body, energize and increase work efficiency.  Of course, anyone who is curious and willing to try any of the other yoga styles that our app offers, should feel free to do so!

Good luck, dear readers and Yoga Llama users!

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