Yoga Llama Q&A
Jul 03, 2023
Written by Yoga Llamathe Enlightened One
yoga llama q&a

*In this blog post, we asked our Founder and yoga master, Nora Peneva to address a few of the most commonly asked questions about Yoga Llama. *

What were your intentions when you created the Beginner Courses for Yoga Llama?

I find that to best answer this question, I should do so by reflecting on my own experiences with yoga and the beliefs that come from there: that yoga is for everyone.
Although I have been a yoga instructor for over a decade, and have been involved with the art for more than 15 years, I've never been the most flexible, the most athletic, or had the strongest body for yoga.
Truthfully, yoga isn't a sport. Nobody needs any of the aforementioned - flexibility, athleticism, strength, or endurance to practice yoga.
There are no requirements that anybody needs to fulfill. No matter who they are, no matter their age, size, height, or shape, anyone can always practice yoga. It is suitable for everyone. Especially you, dear reader!
When practicing yoga, there is only one thing that is truly important.
Having the correct mindset!

What does having the correct mindset entail?

In my opinion, it entails being motivated and knowing that yoga is important for you,  your health, and your well-being. The most important thing about engaging with yoga is doing it with the correct attitude. This application is exactly for those people- the ones with the proper attitude, mindset, and motivation. The ones who have found Yoga Llama and our blog.

What are the advantages of practicing yoga?

The Top 3 benefits of Yoga, that I find beginners experience when they start practicing regularly are the following:

1. Control over your own body: Practitioners attain a better awareness and understanding of their bodies. They discover and grow to understand the magic of gradual progress. In turn, this stops them from searching for immediate results, which are usually short-lived in the first place. Furthermore, beginners quickly discover the happiness that comes from reaping the benefits of performing yoga poses. They are an enjoyable experience, rather than a traumatic one. Learning to "listen to your body," establishing a deep, authentic connection with it, and knowing what it likes and what it needs becomes a valuable skill.
2. Relief: Many people suffer from soreness and pain in the back and waist. Yoga tends to quickly tackle these problems. The beneficial effects are nearly instant! The important factor to note here is the necessity of following a regular daily yoga schedule. I know how immobilized and stiff people can feel in their daily life. Often, sitting in a chair for a long time creates problems— a painful back and waist, a shift of the position of the chest that constricts the lungs and heart, and from there, cause alterations to the blood flow and breathing.
3. Psychological Relaxation: Yoga reduces stress and tension. Often, incorrect bodily posture and stiff shoulders are a result of nervous tension. If you, dear reader, feel rigid in those areas of the body, Yoga Llama has a solution for you. Through our beginner courses, we aim to help people fix their posture. The fine stretches of muscle groups and deep breathing exercises are extremely suitable methods to decrease tension and stress and help anyone feel better.
These are the benefits of yoga, which are guaranteed to motivate anyone willing to take care of themselves and their body.

Do you have any other advice for yoga beginners?

I hope I've convinced and motivated our readers to try our Beginner program. Now, let me offer some guidance to help improve your yoga practice:

1. Dress comfortably. Let your body breathe. Try being barefoot, as it helps attain a natural connection to the earth. If you're wearing any large jewelry or a belt, it is recommended you remove them during the yoga course.
2. Choose a mat that makes you comfortable. It is your special spot for practicing yoga and it should feel that way.
Be committed! The idea that "you have to spend 2-3 hours a day on yoga" is a myth. Fifteen minutes daily are enough, as long as they are at a fixed time. The effect will be consequential!
3. Practice as much yoga, as you are comfortable with. Don't push yourself! Every day your comfort zone will grow larger and from there, your performance of the poses and understanding will improve. I can promise you that your joy from yoga will increase exponentially!
4. Find the patience within you. If you're consistent with your practice, you'll feel the difference in your body only after a month of following a steady routine. That's how long it takes for you to grow out of being a beginner!
5. This was my intention, to motivate and inspire our readers to have a consistent yoga practice, while also finding and enjoying the advantages in daily exercise.

Good luck, practitioners!

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